Weber Genesis E-330 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Published: 26th March 2012
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Weber has always been forward thinking, and with the Weber Genesis E-330 Liquid Propane Gas Grill it's no different. The control knobs have moved from the side table to the front panel to deliver precise heating control. In addition, the Genesis E-330 delivers two extra large stainless steel tables for any and all of your grilling needs. All of this was achieved without compromising an ounce of the cooking performance that Genesis is so well known for.

The Genesis E-330 gas grill takes your grilling to the next level with its high powered Sear Station burner to provide you with perfect grill marks, all without losing an inch of space. The high powered sear burner is specifically designed to crank up the heat on demand for a perfect sear. This grill maximizes the heat without minimizing any grilling space. Porcelain-Enameled cast-iron cooking grates retain heat evenly to beautifully sear any food you want.

The flush mounted side burner makes it easy to multi-task while you're grilling. Every Genesis E-330 gas grill comes equipped with an electronic ignition system to provide a quick and reliable ignition. Your liquid propane tank (tank not included) will be discreetly hidden behind the enclosed cart while a precision fuel gauge lets you know exactly how much fuel you have left at all times. The black porcelain-enameled shroud boasts a center mounted thermometer and the steel doors and aluminum end caps are black as well.

Weber Genesis E-330 Liquid Propane Gas Grill Features:

38,000 BTU per hour input

Comes with porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars; porcelain-enameled heat deflectors and six tool hooks

Capacity of 507-square-inches of primary cooking area and a 130-square-inch warming rack for 637 square-inches of total cooking area

The Weber Genesis E-330 grill contains a front mounted control panel featuring 3 stainless-steel burners, and individual electronic ignition system

Includes porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates, stainless-steel handles, cart with painted steel doors, and porcelain-enameled shroud with thermometer

Also includes 2 heavy-duty front locking casters along with 2 heavy-duty back swivel casters

Weber Genesis E-330 Liquid Propane Gas Grill Reviews:

With an impressive rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, this grill from Weber seems to be pretty popular among consumers from Amazon. Of the 68 reviews posted at the time of this writing, only 4 of them were bad. That's a very strong favorable showing. So let's see what people have to say about this propane grill.

It seems that this grill might possibly set the standard for backyard gas barbecue equipment according to one reviewer. They felt it is extremely well made and packaged with intelligence, and the instructions are very easy to follow. The grill was delivered on time and in perfect shape. The 3 burners that this grill features makes quite a difference for "Direct" cooking your burgers and steaks.

The grill itself is solid and heavy, provides even heat and is a quality product from Weber that is easily able to perform for all your backyard gatherings. Another consumer stated that they've had this grill for more than two months now and unequivocally they say it is by far the best grill they have ever owned. After 30+ years of grilling, they have finally found a grill that cooks evenly with no hot or cold spots. Of course it is by far the most expensive grill they've ever purchased but it's definitely worth the money.

Here's something to keep in mind if you are thinking about purchasing this propane grill. One reviewer had a little accident which resulted in a scratch on one of the doors. They contacted Weber via email hoping they might be able to sell some touch up paint to fix the door. Within a day the reviewer received a very courteous reply, but unfortunately Weber doesn't have anything like that. It seems they are a bit limited on any replacement parts.

Now this grill has received three 1 star ratings, but the funny things is that every reviewer stated that the grill is an excellent product, well made, or exceeded their expectations. So the issue wasn't with the grill at all, except for one reviewer who would rather have purchased it locally to save the time on assembling it. The problem they all had was with the delivery and shipment company.

These consumers found it to be a nightmare to deal with companies that were delivering the product. And one person mentioned that Amazon's customer service is getting worse. If you don't want to buy a big ticket item online, you can find this grill already assembled at your local store.
But the bottom line is that this is extremely well made and there were literally no bad reviews on Amazon. It seems that Weber has continued growing its reputation with this propane grill.

It should last you for a long time. So if you are looking for a new grill, this one is well worth the money, and if you don't want to buy online then go check it out at your local store. It might be more expensive but at least you'll have it right away!

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