Casio Menís PAW2000-1CR Pathfinder Digital Multi-Function Resin Band Watch Review

Published: 21st March 2012
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The Casio Men's PAW2000-1CR Pathfinder Digital Multi-Function Resin Band Watch is the second generation of slim design Pathfinder. Based on the successful appeal of the PAW1300 Slim Design series, the Casio Men's Pathfinder Digital Multi-Function Resin Band Watch comes with the same slim design, but has now been enhanced with a duplex LCD for better visibility.

Some of the high-tech features found on this watch include multi-band atomic automatic time adjustment. Up to six times every day if you're in the US, UK, Germany, China or Japan. It also boasts sunset as well as sunrise data and Triple Sensor Solar technology, making this watch one of the most powerful tools for any outdoor adventurer.

Other built-in outdoor tools you can find on this timepiece include a digital compass which measures and displays direction as one of 16 points, day and month calendar and a backlit display with Afterglow technology. With a rugged and handsome Black Resin Band coupled with a traditional buckle clasp, this watch is water resistant to 330 feet (100 meters).

Casio Men's PAW2000-1CR Pathfinder Digital Multi-Function Resin Band Watch Features:

Multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping, power saving function, tough solar power

World time (48 cities), altimeter, digital compass, thermometer and barometer

12 and 24 hour formats, 1/100 sec. stopwatch

5 daily alarms, countdown timer, sunrise and sunset data

Casio Men's PAW2000-1CR Pathfinder Digital Multi-Function Resin Band Watch Reviews:

Overall this watch from Casio scored quite high on Amazon, managing to score four stars out of a possible five. With all the tools this watch has at its disposal, it most likely has more than you will need. Even if you aren't an outdoors person, you can enjoy this watch. It's a classy yet rugged timepiece, so if you like this style of watch don't hesitate to buy it.

One of the coolest reviews we found about this watch was from a reviewer who bought this watch especially for a trip to Peru and Ecuador. They said it has worked very well in addition to being fun to use!

The dual time feature has turned out to be quite useful from a practical point of view, and the elevation function works very well also. It is quite accurate most of the time. Being at altitudes in the Andes, this reviewer was often asked, "How high are we now?" At Machu Picchu they wanted to know the compass headings for the Aztec temples so they could find out how they arranged the windows and the stone compasses for solstice events. Again, they stated that the function worked very well.

You might want to take the watch off your wrist to get the most accurate temperature readings however. We found one reviewer who had some problem with moisture accumulating behind the screen after going on a number of recreational swims. After a little while the watch stopped functioning. Later on the watch partially recovered however, but all the sensors such as the compass, altimeter and barometer stopped working altogether.

Another consumer stated that the bottom line is that despite a few minor issues mentioned from people, the watch is extremely well designed and with all the features this watch brings, it's an incredible value for what they are charging for it. One thing that could be helpful would be if the watch had a button lock feature, because a few reviews have mentioned that certain buttons get pushed inadvertently, causing the screen to change to a different function.

After purchasing this watch, a few consumers made mention of the fact that some of the functions on the watch didn't work correctly, but all in all the watch has worked great for many people. With all the great tools this watch has, it's hard to go wrong with it, especially if you do a lot of outdoor activities. It looks great and should suit nearly anyone's needs.

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